This blog post is a little belated- our baby girl will be ONE at the end of this month and I have survived being a new mom for just as long. 

Instead of spending my spare time investing in this little business of mine, I’ve been spending it raising my little human. I have been busy watching her grow, admiring her cuteness, and being her mom. Some days I wish there were just 4 more hours in a day that I could spend blogging, answering e-mails, keeping my Instagram up to date, or cleaning up the piles of things to do on my desk- but then again I’m enjoying sleeping and snuggling a little too much these days. I have finally learned how to willingly not juggle 100 things at once and how to pass on opportunities. I have learned to enjoy sitting on the couch with my best-dad-ever-husband and watch Gas Monkey Garage. Ok- I may not enjoy watching Gas Monkey Garage but the sitting on the couch and relaxing is nice! 

I have accomplished some challenging things in my near 30 year lifetime but none have been as challenging or rewarding as transitioning to the role of mom. As it turns out, paddle boarding 30+ miles across Cape Cod Bay isn’t nearly as difficult as working full time at a hospital and continuing to breastfeed. And running a marathon is nothing compared to sleepless nights with a newborn or the start of the teething game. My past goals of booking 10+ weddings a season while working full time, completing an online photography academy certificate, blogging regularly, and being published have turned into goals of spending as much time with my family and friends as I can, snuggling with my original four-legged babies, and enjoying a glass of wine with my husband every chance I get.

I still absolutely love being behind the camera and photographing all of the lovely people I have met. I’m still beyond proud of this little business I have grown from scratch. But right now- I love my daughter and little family more, and am more proud to watch her learn sign language and new words.  I know that this phase in life will pass by too soon (it already has!) and Claire won’t need my full attention anymore. Before I know it, she will be off to school, playing sports, and be more interested in being with her friends than her mom. And I’m sure I will find myself with more time to invest in my business. But until then, I will enjoy photographing and focusing on just a few weddings and portrait sessions this summer. I will enjoy a glass of wine on the couch with my husband after Claire has gone to bed. And I won’t feel the pressure of submitting to be published and maintaining my Facebook and Instagram pages. Not having such a jam packed schedule has me even more excited for the beachside weddings I have lined up for the summer- one of which is in my home town of Mattapoisett!

I’m not throwing in the towel by any means. But I will be found more at the beach this summer than sitting at my desk! If you want to see the latest on our wild child baby girl follow her on Instagram



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