Julie Paisley Photography Workshop

This past weekend I packed up and headed south for the Julie Paisley Photography workshop. Julie has always been an inspiration to me, but I hesitated with the investment and time involved in attending a workshop. I’m beyond grateful that I went outside my comfort zone and decided to participate in the workshop because it opened my eyes to so many aspects about my photography style and interests that I couldn’t visualize before.

One of the biggest suggestions that was stressed at the workshop was the need to specialize- whether it be weddings/engagements or newborns/children/maternity. I have worked so hard at portfolio building and photographing all types of sessions over the last few months that I never thought about specializing in one area. The night  the workshop ended, I tossed and turned till 3:30am debating which avenue I would choose. If you know me, you know that I love weddings. If my darling husband would let me, I would marry him a million times again. I love the emotion, the simplicity, the symbolism, the beauty, and the happiness that weddings bring. On the flip side, there is nothing that warms my heart quite like a newborn baby or a big huge smile reflecting the innocence of a child.

So what I decided… I haven’t decided! I *LOVE* photographing happiness and emotion- whether it be at an intimate wedding or through a child’s eyes- and until I’m swayed one way or another, I’ll continue to capture all of life’s precious moments.

At the workshop, I had the opportunity to photograph a beaming bride & groom and the most adorable Nashville musician!



I absolutely love southern style weddings and cowboy boots!


Obsessed with floral crowns!! Looking forward to more stylized sessions, including many more florals!




And they lived happily ever after…


Check out this lovely Nashville musician, Morgan Lafave!


Thank you so much Julie Paisley Photography for being such an inspiration and for an amazing experience!

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