I often get asked whether or not a bride and groom should do a “First Look” on their wedding day- and my answer is yes. ALWAYS yes.

Reasons I advocate for the First Look:

1. You have already made an investment in your wedding photography. Yes, we will set aside some time to do formal portraits of the two of you- but those will likely be in the mix after the ceremony and formal portraits with your families, and sometime during the cocktail hour/reception. Doing a first look gives you the opportunity for more portraits of the two of you. After all, those are the ones you plan on putting on canvas and hanging in your home, aren’t they?! The majority of large prints and canvases that my couples order are from their first look- it’s raw, true emotion and there is nothing better than that.

2. It allows you to have a few intimate moments together- away from all of your family and friends. The truth is, on your wedding day you won’t have much of that. If he sees you for the first time as you are walking down the aisle towards him, chances are a big hug and kiss followed by him telling you how gorgeous you look, won’t happen. And if it does, everyone is watching ūüôā

3. Doing a first look extends your wedding day by several hours. Instead of the wedding starting at the ceremony, you will be able to relax and spend more time with each other and your wedding party before the ceremony. It also gives plenty of time to do your formal portraits with your families and wedding party before the ceremony so that you can actually enjoy that open bar at cocktail hour!









4. Trust me, his reaction will be the same when you walk down the aisle- regardless of whether or not he saw you just a few minutes ago. The moment is real at this point.  You are getting married!


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